Internet Everywhere

If you do business using the Internet, there are fewer and fewer places that you cannot get an Internet connection.  As an experiment I took my laptop on my lastest vacation (really geeky, I know) to see how good Internet connections were from Cozumel and Akumal, Mexico.  In both the condos I stayed in provided Internet connections (DSL in these cases) with wireless access.  The connections were good and never went down while I was using them, mostly to upload my vacation pictures.

I am currently writing this post on my Delta flight from 36,000 feet, flying at 500 mph over Missouri using a service called GoGo Inflight Internet.  The service is a little pricey at $12.95 per flight, but other options are available and would be worth it if you fly alot and need to use the Internet.

Also Internet access was available for free at many restaurants that I frequented on my vacation, usually requiring a pass code, but in most cases free.  Denver International Airport (DIA, DEN) has provided free wireless Internet access for several years.  I was kind of surprised while waiting for a connection in Atlanta that they do not provide free Internet access.  The Atlanta airport does have several wireless access services available that will charge your credit card for 24 hours of access, but I only needed it for an hour or two between flights.  If the Turtle Bakery in Akumal, Mexico can provide free wireless Internet, why can’t Atlanta.  Come on Atlanta, try to keep up with Denver and Akumal!

So, from 38,000 feet over Grand Island, Nebraska, adiós for now.