39,000 emails and counting….

Today my Junk folder filled up and would not accept anymore messages!  39,019 junk/spam email messages since January 1, 2015 and that is just the blatantly junk messages.  I receive many more messages from organizations that I have contact with that can “legally” send me emails from their push marketing campaigns. Guess what?  I do not read most of these emails and if I do I will be less likely to do business with your organization!  Sending me an email every other day will not cause me to buy your product more often.  In fact, the opposite will happen and I will buy less or none at all!  Selecting the “Do Not Email” preference does not seem to work with most organizations.

Barracuda Central reports that of 440,517,446 emails received 10/15/2015, by networks that use their products, only 62,534,611 (14.2%) are legitimate emails and 371,958,217 (84.44%) are spam!

The Economist reports:

[spam] is also bad for the environment. According to a report from an environmental consultancy, ICF International, commissioned by McAfee, a computer-security company, some 62 trillion unsolicited e-mails were sent in 2008, using 33 terawatt hours of electricity. That is equivalent to the energy consumed by 1.5m American homes or 3.1m cars over a year. If generated by coal-fired power stations it would release 17m tonnes of carbon dioxide, some 0.2% of global emissions of this greenhouse gas.

We need to find ways of securing the Internet email systems to prevent the overwhelming deluge of spam email.  And now I receive junk texts!  We need to act now before these good technologies become worthless for real communication.